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The success and prosperity of any business is wholly dependent upon four factors: business improvement, financial management, operational efficiency and technology integration. At the Advantage Asia Travel Partnership we focus our efforts into these four areas to have the maximum impact on our member partner businesses.

Utilising vast experience of our core team and as well as those of Advantage Travel UK, we offer the following services:

Business Improvement

A business never really stands still and in reality either goes one of two ways; in our view, there is no going back and our consultancy services package places a high emphasis on moving member businesses forward.

Our consulting team fully engage with member partners to assess your overall business and identify areas where improvements can be made, enabling you and Advantage Asia Travel Partnership to develop collective aims and objectives with a clear and deliberate vision for the future.

Our central expertise extends to:

a. Full business review

b. Business plan writing

c. Business mentoring/coaching

d. Sales & Marketing planning

Once the business plan is prepared, your dedicated business development consultant will manage the interface with the relevant central Advantage functions as well as our external consultancy partners.

Financial Management

Highly experienced financial experts along with proven financial systems and tools can assist you in both determining and managing the financial elements of your business to ensure it is operating at its optimum efficiency.

Our expertise extends to:

a. Cash flow forecasting

b. Profit and loss forecasting

c. How to undertake general financial reconciliations

Operational Efficiency

A fit, efficient and well-run business is a critical element in improving overall business performance - being fit for purpose allows you to serve a purpose.

Advantage Asia Travel Partnership helps you in implementing proven operational systems and processes to standardize your business deliverance thus enhancing customer delight. We believe that one size does not suit all hence these processes and systems though derived from our international partner Advantage UK, yet customized for Asian travel environment.

Technology Integration

As technology is becoming heart of every travel business today regardless of size, it is important that the technology you employ in your business is comprehensive and robust enough to meet your needs.

Our technology consulting servicing extends to:

a. Purchasing web technology tools and hosted professional business solutions

b. Understanding existing business needs and suggesting efficient automation.

Assisting member partners to create congenial environment for technology implementation to embrace change partner Advantage UK, yet customized for Asian travel environment.

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