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Training programs

We recognize that the majority of travel organisations largely concentrate on tasks and seldom spend time on the cultural elements of their business. However, in the service industry in which we operate, a potentially important point of difference between you and your competitors, including the internet, could be as much about how you go about dealing with the customer and the additional service you offer them.

By investing in training and development activity across all sectors of the business, staff can be truly considered an asset and the programmes we offer include:

Effective management skills for both senior and middle management.

Selling skills – promoting the right products and making the sale.

Upsell & Cross sell - how to create more profitability by upselling and cross selling preferred business partners' product.

Customer service skills – understanding what the customer really wants and going that extra mile.

Beat the Internet – how to manage queries and objections regarding online travel.

The training is delivered across a range of formats and will be delivered by internal and external training professionals using classroom as well as online webinars.

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